Friday, January 8, 2010

How to Collect Dog Books

If you love dogs and you love books, the combination is irresistible.

Your shelves may be overflowing. But how are those many books organized, and were they acquired with method or by serendipity?

Perhaps you've just bought your first puppy training manual for the best friend you've been dreaming of all your life. How many more behavior and training books will your young companion inspire you to acquire, and will you be hooked on the subject, and reading about it, long after you and your dog have learned how to behave to each other’s satisfaction?

Chances are we all have more books than dogs, so why not collect the former with as much care and curiosity and sheer unbounded delight as we expend on the choice of the latter?

On our online catalog, the Dog Lovers Bookshop table of contents lists books under more than 200 headings, most of which are subjects of potential interest to collectors. Here are some of the collectible topics I'll be discussing in the weeks ahead:



Childhood favorites

Domestic dog breeds

First editions

Genres galore



Signed editions

Time and/or place


Wolves and other wild canids

But where to begin? Probably with an early collecting adventure of mine that spanned 22 years, and a few references to dachshunds.

What's your special interest in dog books? And how are you pursuing it?

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  1. I particularly love books written in the dog's voice. I also collect dog poetry and quotations, and books about the human-animal bond. I never tire of reading about dogs!
    Laurel, celebrating the love of dogs at