Thursday, December 31, 2009


Phoebe B. Dackel, best friend and Dog Lovers Bookshop staff dog, died at home after a brief illness on Wednesday, December 23, 2009.

"The deeper the sorrow the less tongue it has."


  1. Oh. Oh. I am so, so sorry. Bless Phoebe and bless you.

  2. Our human-mom, Linda, is writing for us. We are so grieved to have found you only after Phoebe ascended. We are old bookshop career doggies ourselves. Our blessings to you. Please adopt another of us.
    Phoebe, we are sure, would approve.

    Dante (13 year old shelter adoptee) & Pip (11 year old shelter adoptee)
    Bibliobarn - Rare and Used Books
    627 Roses Brook Rd.
    South Kortright, NY 13842

    P.S. Our human pop & mom have been in the business nearly 26 years and have a bookbindary at their shop! D. & P.

  3. By the way, we learned of you through "Book Source Magazine"!